Our Work

Jeans for Genes Day 2012

For 2012, Jeans for Genes was looking to refresh its national advertising campaign, marketing materials and participant pack for its annual fundraising day, where everyone across the UK is encouraged to wear jeans to  raise money for children with genetic disorders.

The team at Jeans for Genes wanted to focus their messaging about the charity and its activity, while boosting the number of participants and funds raised. As part of the campaign, designers Cai and Kyn brought us in to work with them on new creative concept and copy.

We began by developing a range of potential routes, offering Jeans for Genes a variety of options for its campaign in line with its desire for clear, concise, connected communications.

2012’s campaign focused on the inspiring stories of children whose lives had been changed by the money raised through Jeans for Genes Day.

We then worked closely with the team to identify the most effective route and build it up into a cohesive campaign. Choosing to focus on the inspirational stories of the children whose lives had been changed by the charity’s work, we helped tease out the emotive angle in each story and build a stronger connection between the reader and the charity.

We could see how important it was to make everyone involved in Jeans for Genes feel like they were having an impact both for individuals and the wider cause, so we introduced vocabulary that conveyed a sense of community, of everyone working together to make a real difference.

We simplified the charity’s language and introduced a straight-talking punchy strapline that would deliver the charity’s core aim with impact; Wear Jeans, Change Lives.

With the route, tone and strapline set, we crafted copy for all of the campaign materials, honing the approach to suit a range of different audiences, from nursery schools to big businesses.

Whether it was lead-generating direct marketing material, welcome letters, national print ads or tube posters, every element of the campaign drove home the singular message; together we can make a difference – by just putting on our jeans we can change kids’ lives.

And it worked. The 5 October 2012 saw a super-successful Jeans for Genes Day come to pass. Since launching the campaign, Jeans for Genes has set up a new charity Genetic Disorders UK to take the great work Jeans for Genes does still further.