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Kodak: Kodachrome magazine

Once the everyman’s photography brand, Kodak is now at the forefront of an alternative movement. Leading the charge in an analogue uprising, Kodachrome magazine sees Kodak rising from the ashes to take its role as analogue icon seriously.

Since August 2016, we’ve been collaborating with Kodak to create a quarterly publication and associated online content that champion creativity in all its forms, with that extra ‘Kodak’ emphasis on haptic happenings. From shooting on celluloid to embracing constraints, celebrating gig poster and matchbox design to exploring the cultural value of the dark, Kodachrome’s approach is inspired by the humanity and warmth of film – hands-on making with visible grit.


As the editorial team behind Kodachrome, we work in close collaboration with Kodak’s editor to think up content ideas, schedule, flatplan, commission writers and illustrators, research, interview, write and edit features, source photography, subedit and proof then support Kodak’s internal team on the promotion of each issue. All this is done in parallel with Stranger magazine alumni Cai and Kyn as art directors, grafters and general creative genii.


From diving into the technicalities of Technicolor, discovering lunar photography and listening to Kodakery podcasts, to interviewing the likes of Patty Jenkins and Michael Kiwanuka, contacting neon experts in Hong Kong and chatting to professors of renaissance paintings, research for Kodak has taken us through multiple creative disciplines and across countless time zones. And we’ve connected with an active and passionate creative community too – from museums, film labs, cinemas and art galleries to gig poster artists, special effects craftspeople, supermodel superstars, and millennial-pink-wearing analogue-loving insta-stars who know what it means to be #shotonfilm .


There’s nothing better than holding months of hard work in your hands. The smell of fresh print. The sight of sensational illustrations and photographs singing from the page. And it seems Kodak’s analogue-loving audience felt the same way, with issue one selling out in under two days.

Our partnership with Kodak has since grown to include brand messaging, website copy, advertising materials for the launch of their reimagined Super 8 camera, marketing brochures for Cannes Film Festival and an upcoming photography annual; as well as work on Kodak’s camera-first smartphone– the Kodak Ektra.

As a team we’ve been swept up by the bid to save film – with reels of Super 8 sneaking their way onto office shelves and second hand film cameras being purchased and played with over the weekends. We look forward to future issues, and we hope you will too.


Get Kodachrome issues one and two from the Kodak store. Stay tuned for issue three, due to land soon.