Our Work


Revolutionising the furniture industry in a way that hasn’t been seen since the arrival of IKEA, MADE.COM sells designer furniture and home accessories online only. By cutting out the middle men, it’s made great design affordable and changed how customers interact and experience their homes.

In summer 2014, MADE.COM wanted to take things one step further. To break down barriers between online and offline with a bold, irreverent new approach. To show the real-world appeal of its products. To spark conversations between customers and potential customers. To build a passionate community of design advocates eager to show off the spaces they’ve created and share their insights and ideas with like-minded souls. And to turn the furniture industry on its head once again by being the first ever furniture brand to use customers’ homes as its showrooms.

MADE.COM wanted to build a passionate community of design advocates eager to show off the spaces they’ve created and share their insights and ideas with like-minded souls.

Creating an innovative ‘social showroom’ online platform, MADE.COM wanted to ensure the name, tone and content reflected its creative and unconventional approach at every level.

Working closely with MADE.COM’s talented in-house team, our first job was to think of a name for the new platform. From a user’s first impressions landing on the site to arranging that first visit to another customer’s home, the name, concept and message needed to really hit home.

We wanted to capture the sense of opening things up: the product in its new environment, with no barrier between it and your life; breaking down boundaries between the online and real worlds, getting products out of the box so you can touch them, feel them and see how other people live with them; and the free flow of ideas and conversation, defying categorisation. So we suggested Unboxed. And they loved it.

Next, we needed to create a tone of voice for Unboxed that reflected its different approach. MADE.COM had already developed a strong verbal identity of its own, so the Unboxed tone needed to sit naturally within the overarching MADE.COM brand, while capturing the unique possibilities of this new platform.

We developed the tone of voice position for Unboxed, producing tone of voice guidelines that everyone writing about it could follow (from press releases to user instructions, presentations to ad campaigns). Our tone of voice work also included suggesting site navigation copy, writing the welcome splash and all the content for the Unboxed site, from welcome emails to error messages, to make sure Unboxed’s personality rang true at every step of the user journey.

Finally, we worked closely with MADE.COM’s in-house development team to check all the content in situ on the new site, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, to make sure the words on every page, pop up and alert felt truly Unboxed.

Launching in July 2014, the site’s already been a huge hit with users and press alike, so why not wander over, come in and have a good look around?