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Mine and Yours


After gaining UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2006 (placing it on a par with international treasures like Macchu Picchu, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China), the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site (CMWHS) wanted to boost visitor numbers and communicate how Cornish mining shaped the world we live in today.

First off, they decided to create a 64-page interactive guide book (2008) – which would not only entice British and international visitors to come and explore the Site, but also encourage them to contribute ideas, suggestions and creative work for use on their website and future editions of the book. Next, they wanted a new website that would attract casual visitors as well as containing a deeper level of information for researchers and enthusiasts.


Because the main focus of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site is industrial heritage, our first task was to establish the right tone of voice. We needed to bring it all to life in a language that would relate key historical information without alienating today’s visitors of all ages, nationalities and social backgrounds (while still paying the utmost attention to factual accuracy and historical relevance).

Our first task was to establish the right tone of voice to bring industrial heritage to life

We then wrote all the copy for the book, Mine and Yours. It featured 10 in-depth chapters covering the ‘Areas’ that make up the CMWHS, with each chapter including an evocative introduction to draw people to each Area; a Practicalities section covering essentials like transport, parking, eating and drinking; a Highlights section; a Sense It! section to encourage people to appreciate each Area beyond its mining history; and a Do It! section, offering different suggestions for activities visitors could do and share with the Mine & Yours campaign. We also wrote a Do It! chapter, giving readers ideas and practical tips for a range of creative activities, from collaging to making videos, creative writing to researching family history.

CMWHS then invited us to work with the developers and designers at Numiko to create all the content for their brand new website in 2011.