Our Work

NHS Sign up to Safety

The national NHS initiative Sign up to Safety was looking to get people talking to improve patient safety. They wanted to make a splash and see where it could go…

Encouraging NHS organisations to make safety improvement pledges, Sign up to Safety is an initiative focused on people. On the individual NHS workers, and the real stories that are lived by them, and their patients, every day.


We needed to hit on a message that would ring true for NHS healthcare settings and professionals. So we began by working closely with the Sign Up to Safety team to understand the unique circumstances they worked within. We also trawled through every Safety Improvement Plan and read through incident reports. Finally we found the key issue facing every organisation was communication, or the lack of it. Stretched for time and resources, conversation was the first thing to slip. By simply having a conversation and sharing individual views, honest stories and successes, settings could genuinely improve patient safety. It wasn’t about enforced checklists or laying blame. It was about learning the way we all learn – by talking. Sign up to Safety needed a campaign that would get these all important conversations started, with a splash.


With our key message pinned down we got to work developing a content strategy  tailormade for time-poor NHS workers. From one core piece of sharable content that would encourage and inspire, we mapped out engaging and informative ‘ripple’ content. Each piece was designed to be easily digestible and directly relatable – suited to Sign Up to Safety’s time-poor audience. To empower individuals within NHS settings to see themselves as the experts on patient safety, we focused the content creation around them, using interviews with individuals and organisations who had real experience in the field.


Focused on the simple premise that every conversation starts with a question, we worked with the talented folks at iKandi Media to produce a short film as ‘splash’ content for the campaign. Just Ask Me was produced in collaboration with NHS workers from a range of roles and locations. We liaised with NHS settings, organised shoots and travelled the country to capture the footage needed. The final film was a hit with the audience. Its view through rate was nearly ten times higher than any other Sign up to Safety video.

We went on to produce everything from feature articles to podcasts as part of the year-long campaign, all focusing on the key principle of getting people talking, listening, sharing and ultimately learning, together.