Our Work

The Parabola Project


Certain that there was a wealth of writing talent in Cornwall which deserved to be in print, in 2010 we embarked on a self-initiated project in collaboration with Venn Creative to truly celebrate the written word. Parabola would be anthology which showcased, motivated and inspired the buzzing creative writing community in Cornwall and beyond, drawing together talent from across the writing spectrum – from the raw power of first-time writers to the accomplished craft of established authors.

Parabola is a celebration of the written word… which showcases, motivates and inspires the UK’s buzzing creative writing community

As we got cracking we realised Parabola had to be about so much more than just words. It had to capture the magic that happens when evocative content mixes with stunning illustrations, photography and design – delivering style and substance in abundance.

A not-for-profit publication, the idea was that Parabola would nourish itself. Every penny made on every copy would go back into the pot for the next issue, to continue to profile writing and imagemaking and drive the UK’s creative undercurrent forward.


From inviting submissions, reading and selecting, to fundraising, editing, proofing and polishing, we produced all the content of Parabola ourselves. We also ran a successful Wefund campaign, filming and editing an appeal film to win the support of Wefunders and raise money to make Parabola better than ever.

However, the publication’s success relied on the talents of the writers, imagemakers and designers, who we worked with to make it happen.