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The Wave Tap

RCH Renewables wanted a way to tell the world about its life-changing new invention. Focused on helping island communities in the developing world, RCH’s ingenious product harnesses the power of the waves to change seawater into safe drinking water. It’s simple, easy to maintain and makes a real difference for the people who need it most.

RCH needed to find the right words to write and talk about this revolutionary device, and help people quickly understand its benefits. So we helped them develop a name and a tone of voice to stand them apart from their competitors.


We set about navigating the ins and outs of the renewable energy sector, delving deep into the different ways that RCH’s competitors and spectrum of stakeholders communicate.

We wanted to help them maintain the clear sense of the passion and innovation that sits at the heart of the product, whilst at the same time stripping away any dense scientific language

Working closely with the RCH team, we built a clear picture of the company’s goals and values, drawing out the best way for them to engage, excite and encourage connections with new audiences, investors and organisations alike.

We wanted to help them maintain the clear sense of the passion and innovation at the heart of the product, while stripping away any dense scientific language that might alienate people and inhibit the device’s potential. Through a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions, we developed the product’s name – The Wave Tap.

This tangible and simple name not only defined the device in easy-to-understand terms; it also acted as a guiding principle for the tone of voice, which had to resonate with The Wave Tap’s values.


Drawing from their own passions, personality and vision, we established a distinctive tone of voice position for RCH. We also created a comprehensive writing guide, showing everyone at RCH how they could write in this way to make sure their brand language was clear and strong, doing justice to their life-changing invention and the difference it can make.


The team behind The Wave Tap was thrilled and has now taken the tone of voice and applied it to their website and all their communications, knowing that we’re on hand to support them as and when they need it. Their promotional material is now being used to build bridges with the NGOs, charities and distribution companies they aspire to work with. Needless to say the team feel more confident talking and writing about The Wave Tap than ever before. And we’re so happy to have had a hand in getting them there.