Our Work

Uzma Bozai

Emerging high-end womenswear fashion brand Uzma Bozai was looking for a creative approach to help establish its distinctive brand personality and origin story to support its launch collection.

Inspired by travel and defined by the highest quality artisan techniques, Uzma Bozai wanted to really capture the imagination of its target market through its tone of voice and copy for the lookbook, website and eventually garment swing-tags.


We were really excited at the prospect of working with this new brand at such an early stage and helping Uzma Bozai establish a strong and enduring personality from the outset. We started by immersing ourselves in the fascinating cultural and historical background of the brand and its founder; holding intricately embroidered pieces in our hands and learning about the techniques, traditions and travels that led Uzma herself to pour her passion into bringing these beautiful clothes to life for modern women.

We pulled out three themes running throughout the brand story – create, explore and discover.

Identifying the themes which ran throughout the brand story – create, explore, discover – we brought our creative writing experience to the task. Using the idea of multi-layering as a starting point, we crafted a poetic brand story


Bringing our creative writing experience to the task, we used these central themes and the idea of multi-layering as a starting point to craft a poetic brand story. This story evoked the journey of the finely crafted garments, the woman behind the brand and the women who will wear Uzma Bozai.

Having established the essence of the brand story, we developed short copy for each of the eight featured techniques in the lookbook (shaped by the same themes as the brand story and resonating with the same story elements), and further long copy for the website’s ‘Origins’ page.


Working closely with the designers, we further shaped the copy to fit with the print and website designs, sculpting the words to fit within tight character counts. We also checked and proofread all the product descriptions written by Uzma’s in-house team, to make sure they were consistent with the brand voice before the website went live.