Our Work


Exciting, original and far reaching, WildWorks makes theatre with landscapes and people, telling the stories of the world they live in, in unexpected ways.

The WildWorks tribe came to us with a challenge, they wanted to capture their unique character in their words – to refine their vision and values and show the world what they were made of. We knew we could help.


We jumped right in, immersing ourselves in the company and what makes it stand out. We ran workshops with the core team, board members and artists to distil the essence of WildWorks and understand its process. Together we uncovered a new set of values that coursed through WildWorks veins. Then we used those values to shape a tone of voice to flood the senses.


Working with web wizards Venn Creative, we put WildWorks’ verbal identity into action straight away, crafting content templates for the new website for the WildWorks team to follow. We wrote core pages across the site to set the tone and used the verbal identity to inform and shape the user journey too.


To make sure WildWorks’ new way with words was a winner for everyone, we created a straightforward writing guide for the team to refer to. We provided content surgeries and crib sheets to help when they were in the depths of content production and we revisited the site once it was live to make sure everything was on point. The values rethink and verbal identity also informed our development of a new story-led approach to showcasing WildWorks projects which took their work beyond, inviting the user to explore, discover and interact.

WildWorks has embraced its new tone of voice completely, sharing stories of work old and new in a vibrant, fresh way. From poppy fields in Cornwall to the talking walls of a castle in Belgium, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for them…