Our Work

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart creates children’s lifestyle products that help families make the most of growing up. When it comes to what kids want and parents need, they know it all – but they needed a hand getting that across.


As part of a complete brand overhaul led by the Vine, we were brought in to help devise a central brand architecture and brand idea for Worlds Apart. Through workshops, information gathering interviews and brain-teasing, puzzle-like planning sessions, we helped to shape a central concept to sit at the heart of all Worlds Apart brand activity. From here, we built a new verbal identity and tone of voice position for the company, which hinged on the brand idea.

And the thinking didn’t end there. Because Worlds Apart is more than just a company. It’s a complex organisation with a wide masterbrand portfolio. Each of these masterbrands not only required a tone of voice position to chime with its customers, they all needed names too. So we set about developing a naming model that would fit with the brand idea, then worked through a process to come up with six masterbrand names that would hit home with customers, partners and the Worlds Apart team.


With a new tone of voice position, new names and a newly-fired up senior management team all good to go, our next step was to develop  a writing guide that would help everyone in the business understand what Worlds Apart’s unique way with words was all about, and how to do it.

On top of this we wrote key content for the new website, crafted the brand’s mission statement and helped the team develop an approach for product names that would all ring true with Worlds Apart’s verbal identity. We even got stuck right in there with product descriptions, writing a handful (over 50) of them in the tone of voice, to help steer the marketing team as they wrote the rest.


We know it takes more than a writing guide and a batch of website copy for a brand to adopt a new verbal identity. So we’re also helping Worlds Apart roll out the tone of voice internally, making sure people feel enthused and empowered to take it forward. We’re planning and delivering training sessions at different levels across the business, and then running content surgeries to support anyone who needs a hand with something they’re writing.

With its new visual and verbal identity making waves in the sector and beyond, we can’t wait to see where Worlds Apart goes next.

And we look forward to helping a little more, along the way…