Yank on your willies? When content goes wrong…

Ever get the giggles at a typo? We do. All the time. Here are some of our R-rated favourites...

By: Clare Howdle,   1 minute


We’re just putting the finishing touches to a big copy job. Hundreds and hundreds of pages of quality content for a very nice holiday property client. It’s been intense, but not without moments of hilarity as well-meaning copy has gone awry, at the slip of a key.

Here are some of our favourites. Be warned, our slip ups seem to be a little saucy – not for the easily offended…


1. “Whether it’s laying out a blanket in the garden, or yanking on your willies then roaming the countryside…”



2. “Wake up and open the shitters…”



 3. “End your days in the comfort of a four poster bed…”



4. “In the pam of your hand…”



5. “Full of character and charm this property offers slate floors, exposed beams and quirky anals.”




Goodness. Think we need a lie down.

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