You Name It*

Stories, stretching and crickets for breakfast. It all happened at YouNameIt* Event...

By: Nicola Robey,   1 minute


Nic speaking at You Name It

Mealworms, aggro ducks, and inspiration by the bucket load. This was YouNameIt*.

Powered by insect energy bars from Cornish Edible Insects (surprisingly tasty), we settled in for a full-up day of talks, feasting and collaboration at the first ever YouNameIt* Event, at Retorrick Mill.

As part of a bursting line-up, we were lucky enough to put on a workshop focusing on the power of six-word stories. Our willing participants embraced techniques gleaned from Virginia Woolf to craft their own snappy stories. (While Nicola’s attempt accidentally turned out to be pure filth.)

Throughout the day we were treated to some great talks and workshops by insightful souls doing some very interesting things. Here are three lessons we’ll be taking away from the day with us…

  1. We should be looking towards nature to find solutions.” Amelie from The Eden Project shared her insights on biomimcry (when the design and production of materials, structures, and systems are modeled on biological entities and processes). Next time we’re in a bind, we’re going to borrow some techniques perfected by nature to see if they offer a better way to look at things.
  2. “Face-to-face is better.” The ever energetic Ernie, from Who Buys Your Stuff, got us all excited about how we could all be using video to communicate with clients instead of email.
  3. “Sitting for more than 90 minutes can reduce the circulation of the knees by 50%”. Pilates guru Amy Swanson shocked us with how detrimental our daily desk habits were. Armed with her handy sheet of exercises we’re now committed to some high-intensity exercises as the kettle boils.

Plans for the next YouNameIt* Event are bubbling away as we speak. We’ll keep you all in the loop when we hear more, until then, cricket and a lunge anyone?

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