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A sense of awareness shapes our working culture, informing all of our decision making, from where we hold events to which energy supplier we use – and finding the time to give a little back too.


Supporting good-doers

Children in Crisis

At Stranger Collective, our vision is to help people harness the power of words. In the privileged world we live in, this usually means using words in the best possible way to build strong brands and create compelling content. But in some parts of the world, words have a far greater, more urgent power.

“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.” – Kofi Anan

That’s why we support Children in Crisis. The charity’s mission is to support children to read, write, think, pursue their life goals and contribute positively to their communities. And their incredible work shows us that words really can change lives, giving children in some of the world’s poorest countries the education they need to transform their lives.



While we want our words to make an impact, we’re keen to leave as little impression on the environment as possible. So when it comes to visiting clients around the UK we use the train whenever possible.

In our own offices, our electricity and gas are supplied by a renewable energy supplier, Good Energy, and we use double-sided printing to reuse all our office paper internally (which has reduced our paper purchasing by more than 85%).

Over half of our staff walk or cycle to work regularly, and we provide secure storage facilities for them to stash their bikes and hang up their helmets during the day.


Developing our team

Stranger Collective has won awards for its innovative employment practice and working culture, which includes Feeding – a system where staff receive one day every month to spend on their own creative endeavour, personal professional development and pro-bono/voluntary work for charities and not-for-profit organisations. Everyone who works with us Feeds, so we can all stay in the best creative shape.



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