What We Do

From the heart of your brand to the packaging on your product, words make you what you are. So how do you get them working just the way you want?

Well, that’s what we’re here for. We help people harness the power of words at every level – capturing and conveying their brand character, engaging their customers and getting results.

Our work covers the full gamut of what words can do, falling into three main areas: brand, content and training.

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Understanding who you are as a brand is one thing, knowing how to express that is quite another. Your words need to be every inch yours, constantly signposting your readers back to what makes you different and why they should feel it.

And that takes work – to understand your audience, your ambitions and your angle. Our experienced team of thinkers, writers and creators can help you with this, getting to the bottom of what makes you you and then capturing that in the words you choose and use.

Services include: naming, straplines, tone of voice consultancy, verbal identity development, writing guides, manifesto writing, brand storytelling and much more…

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Once you’re clear on how you’re talking, you need to think about what you want to say. Whether it’s getting the foundations in place, creating killer copy for a one-off campaign or addressing an ongoing content need, we can help.

With ad copywriters, journalists, content strategists, scriptwriters, bloggers and all sorts of other specialist wordsmiths on our team we’ll work with you on your messaging, purpose and plan, before getting stuck into the content itself – whether that’s the perfect one liner, a series of podcasts, or 50,000 words that pack a punch.

Services include: content strategy, editorial management, website content, marketing collateral, scriptwriting, campaign copy, internal communications, copy editing, emergency services and much more…

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When it comes to helping customers connect to your brand, knowing how best to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys, can make a big difference. Whether we’ve worked with you on your tone of voice, or are coming to your content cold, we can help you and your team boost your thinking, writing and creating skills so every word you write counts.

From bespoke training programmes to off-the-shelf packages, creative conference workshops to thought-provoking lectures, we’ve got a team of word enthusiasts ready and raring to help you hone your inner writing talents.

Services include: writing training, ideas generation workshops, ongoing editorial support, conference speaking, one-to-one mentoring and much more…