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Brand, Tone of Voice, Storytelling, Promotion

Miraclon became a company in 2019. Formed from Kodak’s former flexographic packaging division, it is the home of market-leading Kodak Flexcel NX Solutions. As the company set out to capitalise on its strong underlying technology, we’ve helped it craft a distinct and confident identity.


We’ve worked closely with the team at Miraclon since before Day 1, helping them establish their identity and then raise their profile – building on the reputation of their product and people. By identifying the value proposition at the company’s heart and building the brand up around its purpose, we’ve been instrumental in creating a presence, culture, community and voice that connects with its customers and employees.


Miraclon is a leader in packaging print. So, it’s in a great position to be an influential voice on industry trends and issues that affect its customers. We identified this opportunity early on and helped craft an editorial content strategy that would set the brand apart from its competitors and resonate with customers and prospects. From interviews and features, to video content, podcasts, illustrations and slideshares, we make sure Miraclon is telling the right stories, in the right ways, and the right places, to truly connect.


We help broadcast Miraclon’s message far and wide, from devising and implementing the engagement strategy for its industry awards programme (including scripting and developing a handcrafted animation) through to co-ordinating the company’s social media presence.

Through our work Miraclon has secured its position as a thoughtleader in the flexographic printing space, bringing together a community of voices at the forefront of the industry who are changing the way  people think about packaging print.

Transforming flexo together has long been Miraclon’s purpose and through content that counts, communications that connect, and a voice people listen to, they’re putting that purpose front and centre.

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