Stage to page: What writers can learn from performance poetry

What can writers learn from performance poetry?

By: Amie Knights,   1 minute


OK. So it may seem a little far-fetched.

But today I imagined the copywriting world in audio.

Website homepages reaching out. Tugging at my earlobes,

Demanding to be heard.


I heard leaflets leap into voice at the tear of an envelope,

Every intonation spearing me with intent. Elation,

Empathy, sadness. And possibility.

It made me feel.


As I stood eyes closed, fingers running over copy like braille,

I lived in a world that spoke to me.

That broke through 3D.

Words that refused to be pinned to pages or screens.


Irrespective of whether it was me listening in,

Or a seven-year-old boy,

Or the Head Buyer at Selfridges –

These copywriting poets connected, without limits.


Today I Fed on what copywriters can learn from performance poets.

And if there’s one thing to glean,

From this new world I witnessed,

It’s that we should give to receive.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself on stage,

The audience filled with your, well, audience,

And read.



Project and aim for nothing less, than a standing ovation.

Whoops and hollas.

Because you moved them to their feet.

You captured their attention and you made them believe.


And if they don’t?

If they stay fixed to their seats, eyes glazed, heads bobbing,

Like a nodding dog, halfway to sleep.

Well, there’s nothing else for it.


Just. Hit. Delete.

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