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July 24, 2019

Creative Breakfast: Lucy Howdle

From building brands with purpose to understanding then predicting what customers need and care about, Lucy Howdle brings her product brand savvy to our Creative Breakfast table...

Brand innovation. Brand connection. Brand purpose. Over the last 13 years Lucy Howdle* has helped shape iconic global brands, including Dove, Vaseline and Danone. She’s gleaned valuable insights and learnt essential lessons along the way. As a global brand director at Unilever she’s managed cross-channel communications and campaigns that have innovated the sector, and is an ardent advocate for the power of a great brief in getting the best out of your client/agency relationship.

From perfect packaging design to influential advertising, from harnessing the potential of blogger outreach to the rationale behind product formulation, if you work on a product brand, have product brand clients or are interested in how brands can affect change, this is one creative breakfast not to miss.

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*disclaimer: yes, Lucy is Clare’s sister. Yes, she has been bullied into doing this talk. Yes, Clare will most likely start behaving like a juvenile, frustrated sibling. You have been warned.