Planet earth needs change and needs it now. We hear you. This issue, Strike takes transformation as its mantra and explores stories with an upside, from a different way to practise the law to rediscovering our sense of play, an "orchestra" of climate solutions to losing – and finding – ourselves in the trees...

Whether you’re leading the way, happily getting down to it or being dragged ahead kicking and screaming, society is changing and we’re all on the ride. Now’s the time for us to suss out what it takes to work, travel, grow, care and live in a way that supports rather than harms the planet we’re a part of.

It’s big. And it needs big, back. So we’ve turned this issue of Strike over to change; with stories of positive action, bright ideas and movements that open our eyes to what’s possible.

Author Ben Okri challenges us to become a new species, even if we’re scared; the undercover activists among us are compelling big business to be open to disruption; and law firms with a fresh take are forcing accountability on the biggest companies, taking them to court over environmental damage.

Guest writers, Hannah Pearce and Poppy Wonnacott, share the stories inspired by their time at Goodfest 2023, from releasing their inner playtivists to the merits of forest bathing. While over in our regular Strike features, with writer and publisher Tom Conaghan sharing the songs he definitely wouldn’t write to in All Work No Playlist? and photographer Lily Bertrand-Webb talking light, film and sound, in How I See It.

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In this Issue

  • Booker-winning author, poet and activist Ben Okri on how love can save the world
  • Zero-waste shop owner and new writer Hannah Pearce on playtivism and the power of laughter
  • Writer Poppy Wonnacott on forest bathing, poverty, and planting our way out of this mess
  • Brazilian lawyer Ana Carolina Salomão Queiroz on channeling big money to fight for big causes
  • Photographer Lily Bertrand-Webb on light, time and “communicating with the hearing world”
  • Writer and Scratch Books publisher Tom Conaghan on loud good ideas and the music he lives and creates by
  • Plus redefining disruption, and what to WATCH and LISTEN to this winter…


  • Paul Dicken
  • Helen Gilchrist
  • Clare Howdle
  • Hannah Pearce
  • Nicola Robey
  • Ellie Russell
  • Poppy Wonnacott
  • Lily Bertrand-Webb
  • Paul Dicken
  • Helen Gilchrist
  • Pogust Goodhead
  • Carlos Kenobi
  • Evie Milsom
  • Ellie Russell
  • Studio Michael Franca
  • Lucy Hawthorne
  • Hannah Pearce
  • Kasia Murfet
  • Felix Mittermeier
  • Alexander Zvir
  • Camy Aquino
  • Markus Spiske
  • Hristo Fidanov
  • Will Morgan

Stories from this issue