Hazel Beevers

Hazel is a creative consultant with over a decade's experience fine-tuning creative campaigns for agencies and brands in London such as Sony, Actionaid, MTV and M&S.

As part of the Stranger Team, she has co-produced the land&water Warm Glow portrait series with Danny North, raised awareness of Kingsclere’s Pitch Up! scheme and helped bring to life some of the most magical Stranger happenings – including shooting the stills at our recent Firelight events. As well as writing for our very own Strike magazine, she is co-publisher of The Literary Platform, a creative incubator and publisher, and is a guest lecturer at the University of Exeter’s MA Creativity course. Hazel now specialises in digital / social strategy, immersive experiences and content creation, but her true calling is as a pizzaiolo; her side hustle is running a pizza night called Margaritas, serving a killer combination of Margherita pizzas and margarita cocktails to hungry Londoners.