Lauren Brogden

As a writer, editor and content creator, Lauren has worked with everyone from fresh on the scene start-ups to globally renowned brands, using well-crafted words and creative ideas to tell stories, solve problems and inspire action.

For five years, Lauren told the story of leading British fashion label Victoria Beckham Ltd to millions of customers worldwide. As a freelance writer, content creator and editor, she continues to bring brands to life through language.

From Christie’s to Three Graces London, she crafts compelling copy and captivating communications for an array of award-winning creative companies. Whether it’s social media content, email marketing, press releases or journal writing, her eye for a great narrative and skill in shaping words ensure businesses blossom. She brings this breadth of creative experience to Stranger projects.

From fine-tuning a speciality coffee brand’s tone, to delivering web copy that makes waves for a beach accommodation company, she gets a kick out of helping brands find their voice and connect with their audience. With an innate curiosity and a lifelong love of language and design, Lauren thrives off being a part of a wider creative process – combining images with words and broader cultural references to make content come alive.

When not tapping away at her desk, Lauren likes illustrating, experimenting with new recipes, daydreaming about future dog-ownership and a good old kitchen disco – in no particular order and any combination.