What Happened?

An evening of meeting, greeting and intellectual feasting.

By: Caitlin,   1 minute


A dreary London evening. The pavements glisten as traffic creeps through the rain. And through a corner door in Finsbury, something Stranger is Happening.

Talk to Me, our Stranger Happenings debut, coaxed a brilliant crowd into Body and Soul. After some time to eat, drink and chat, we all sat down to discuss the importance of connecting to the individual in a world of mass communications.

With fascinating talks from Bella Towse (Bulletproof), Anna Kiernan (Stranger Collective), Carlos Saba (The Happy Startups School) and Gregor Matthews (Who Buys Your Stuff), we got to the heart of what it means to cut through the clutter and make an authentic connection. Setting up happier companies. Customising customer messaging. Exploring the people behind big data numbers. And the power of the literary hero’s journey. The topics were wonderfully varied, dishing up new perspectives and igniting flashes of inspiration.

While we can’t possibly capture the energy of the night or the value of the spontaneous chats over beers, through the powers of modern technology we can share videos from the night.

So if you’re struggling to get going this Monday, grab a nice hot cuppa, sit back and enjoy some shots of fresh thinking.


Bella Towse, Bulletproof

How can you design for so many unique tastes and needs? Bella Towse gives an insight into the four key trends that are helping design address the individuals behind the demographics.


Anna Kiernan, Stranger Collective

From George Lucas to Jane Austen, Anna talks about how to apply storytelling methods to help you share your own hero’s journey.


Carlos Saba, The Happy Startup School

Carlos believes we need to bring the humanity back and become more compassionate capitalists. His talk focuses on how we should be building businesses based on passion, purpose and people as well as profits.


Gregor Matthews, Who Buys Your Stuff?

Gregor touches on the importance of getting to know the person who’s really driving your business.

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