An aurora
of enthusiasm
A kindle
of relationships
A smack
of instincts
A bazaar
of talents
A kaleidoscope
of writers
A shiver
of ideas
A thunder
of successes

Hi there. We're Stranger Collective, a copywriting agency that makes words count.

By thinking, writing and creating, we shape content that feels different and gets results – drawing together the best talents and ideas to help you build your brand, stand out from the crowd and connect with customers.

Our Work

MADE.COM wanted to show the real-world appeal of its products with a bold, irreverent new approach – an innovative ‘social showroom’ online platform....

The clock’s ticking. You play awkwardly with your pen, waiting for the spark to come. Words, ideas, banter are bandied, bounced and grappled around. Like...


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Coca-Cola Europe wanted to showcase their international environmental and community work through a dynamic online platform/e-zine....

While Feeding in London this Friday, the sun was truly shining. Of course, it was literally shining in Russell Square (which made for a nice...

Feeding Live Positively Collective

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We've helped Investors in People create online content that grabs attention and connects with readers......

There’s a debate raging in the world of content. I’ve heard it described as many things – data geek vs. storyteller, Silicon Valley vs. Madison...

Feeding Investors in People

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When it comes to what kids want and parents need, Worlds Apart stands out. The next stop was a way with words that did too......

I’m not sure how often you encounter magic in Shoreditch. Real magic. Makes your heart beat faster and your brain expand magic. But last Saturday...

Feeding Worlds Apart

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Image makers

Image makers   Blondie, Bourdin and bedroom selfies: from the advent of punk to shoe-inspired visual storytelling and the Instagram generation, a brief foray into the timeless power of image… Somewhere on 14th Street, New York, the early 1970s. A tallish man with black backcombed hair and dark glasses wears a slim fitting black suit, white shirt […] Read More 〉

Nothing like a cup of deep black Joe

Origin coffee brewing masterclass Coffee is a tasty tool in many a creative’s arsenal. Whether it’s a morning kick-start or a (very) late night boost, coffee seems to detonate creativity and push productivity. But how to make the perfect – I mean, really perfect – brew? I love coffee. No. I really love coffee. Moving next to Monmouth Coffee’s […] Read More 〉

Getting stuff done

Getting stuff done If you’ve used the internet in the last year, then you’ll all be aware that ‘you have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé’. No pressure then. With the calendars flipping over to reveal a new year, your inboxes – like mine – will be bulging with calls to banish the bad […] Read More 〉
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