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of instincts
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of talents
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of writers
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A thunder
of successes

Hi there. We're Stranger Collective, a copywriting agency that makes words count.

By thinking, writing and creating, we shape content that feels different and gets results – drawing together the best talents and ideas to help you build your brand, stand out from the crowd and connect with customers.

Our Work

Merchants Manor hotel wanted an eye-catching magazine to give visitors a fresh and original insight into the guest experience, as well as a ‘local’s eye’...

“A book of maps designed to get you lost.” A beautiful box, wrapped up in finely graphic paper. Anticipation as my finger hooks open the...

Feeding Merchants Manor: Relish magazine

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We helped Plymouth University develop a new tone of voice, overhaul the content of its 14,000 page website, and upskill its in-house digital content team...

What does your digital life look like? Think about it, for a moment. Take a piece of paper and sketch out just how many ways...

Feeding Plymouth University

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MADE.COM wanted to show the real-world appeal of its products with a bold, irreverent new approach – an innovative ‘social showroom’ online platform....

The clock’s ticking. You play awkwardly with your pen, waiting for the spark to come. Words, ideas, banter are bandied, bounced and grappled around. Like...


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The strategic body for inbound tourism, Visit Britain asked us to tell its 2013/14 success story in a way that would connect with its readers....

It’s warm today. Really warm. British summer like it used to be warm. I’m sat on hot granite with the sun on my back at...

Feeding VisitBritain

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Why discovery only counts when it’s shared

Why discovery only counts when it's shared Ingenuity, dedication, out-of-the-box thinking and the overwhelming desire to explore and share. What we can all learn from plant hunters… Kew Gardens has long been on the list of London landmarks well worth a visit. 300 acres of rolling park, towering palm houses, tree-top walks and scented rose gardens, an ideal tourists’ afternoon outing make. And […] Read More 〉

Internships: finding a new way forward

Internships: finding a new way forward 2014 was the year of the internship backlash. Unpaid schemes were the target of a media attack and companies that offered them found themselves in the stocks. But now it’s 2015 and a fresh batch of eager graduates have just fled the university gates. So what does it look like out there for them? Having […] Read More 〉

The ultimate inspiration

Peter Gilchrist A homage to Peter Gilchrist (5.9.42 – 27.5.15) – guiding light and Stranger Collective’s founding father I haven’t had much time to Feed lately. Yes, work’s been busy. It always is. But we always try to claw back time to Feed. No, something infinitely greater, infinitely more important, infinitely more earth-shattering and heartbreaking and life-changing […] Read More 〉
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