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Hi there. We're Stranger Collective, a copywriting agency that makes words count.

By thinking, writing and creating, we shape content that feels different and gets results – drawing together the best talents and ideas to help you stand out from the crowd, connect with customers and save money.

Our Work

Coca-Cola Europe wanted to showcase their international environmental and community work through a dynamic online platform/e-zine....

While Feeding in London this Friday, the sun was truly shining. Of course, it was literally shining in Russell Square (which made for a nice...

Feeding Live Positively Collective

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We've helped Investors in People create online content that grabs attention and connects with readers......

For ages now I’ve wanted to make a zoetrope. I’ve always loved the simplicity of them, the way you can bring miniature stories to life,...

Feeding Investors in People

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Weaving one off wondertales comes easy for WildWorks, but the theatre company's tone of voice was a different matter. Enter Stranger Collective......

“A book of maps designed to get you lost.” A beautiful box, wrapped up in finely graphic paper. Anticipation as my finger hooks open the...

Feeding WildWorks

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When it comes to what kids want and parents need, Worlds Apart stands out. The next stop was a way with words that did too......

I’m not sure how often you encounter magic in Shoreditch. Real magic. Makes your heart beat faster and your brain expand magic. But last Saturday...

Feeding Worlds Apart

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The liberations of limitation

The liberations of limitation From the haiku of Basho, to the self-imposed limitations of Laars von Trier’s Dogme 95 films, through to Matthew Herbert’s One Pig, evidence of channeled flair is ubiquitous. It’s as though the empty page is just too much, too daunting, too full of possibility, that it’s the funnel of limitation that fuels creativity. Perhaps art […] Read More 〉

THIS IS IT! Creative careers day comes to Plymouth

THIS IS IT! Creative careers day comes to Plymouth Aged 16-24 and wanting a leg-up into your dream creative industry role? THIS IS IT! events are touring the country this autumn, helping young creatives get their careers off the ground. Since it all kicked off in the capital last November, the word has spread through Newcastle, Bristol and Manchester. And now it’s finally wending […] Read More 〉

A return to (long) form

A return to (long) form The Internet is like one big all-you-can-eat buffet. A pile ‘em high affair, where forks can shovel all manner of morsels into your brain. Most of the time these will be tasteless mounds of flavourless carbs and endless e-number refills – and then, every once in a while you’ll stumble across a considered corner of the […] Read More 〉
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