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Hi there. We're Stranger Collective, a copywriting agency that makes words count.

By thinking, writing and creating, we shape content that feels different and gets results – drawing together the best talents and ideas to help you build your brand, stand out from the crowd and connect with customers.

Our Work

Coca-Cola Europe wanted to showcase their international environmental and community work through a dynamic online platform/e-zine....

While Feeding in London this Friday, the sun was truly shining. Of course, it was literally shining in Russell Square (which made for a nice...

Feeding Live Positively Collective

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We've helped Investors in People create online content that grabs attention and connects with readers......

There’s a debate raging in the world of content. I’ve heard it described as many things – data geek vs. storyteller, Silicon Valley vs. Madison...

Feeding Investors in People

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Weaving one off wondertales comes easy for WildWorks, but the theatre company's tone of voice was a different matter. Enter Stranger Collective......

“A book of maps designed to get you lost.” A beautiful box, wrapped up in finely graphic paper. Anticipation as my finger hooks open the...

Feeding WildWorks

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When it comes to what kids want and parents need, Worlds Apart stands out. The next stop was a way with words that did too......

I’m not sure how often you encounter magic in Shoreditch. Real magic. Makes your heart beat faster and your brain expand magic. But last Saturday...

Feeding Worlds Apart

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Ignoring the rules of public speaking

The audience   When you think of a successful speaker, who comes to mind? Someone who doesn’t umm and err in between their sentences? Umm. Someone who doesn’t wring their hands or wave them madly? Who exudes confidence and makes their point coherently, never veering off down blind alleys? I’ve never questioned that’s what I should be […] Read More 〉

Banish the lucky dip

Banish the lucky dip A blinking cursor or a blinding presentation? An out of date blog or a pitch perfect post? In a world where content is king, writing shouldn’t feel like a lucky dip. Which is why we’re launching Quiver of Words – a new one-day course to help people get word confident and discover how to write […] Read More 〉

A bullshitter’s guide to networking

A bullshitter's guide to networking Notorious yarn-weaver Reuben, founder of London’s most factually incorrect walking tour Bullshit London, lends us his brain and delves into the thorny art of networking, bullshit style. Time is money and money is time. So logically speaking in the time it takes you to read this, you are spending time and therefore should be losing […] Read More 〉
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