Bringing the bullshit back this May bank holiday

This May bank holiday you’ll find the streets of Falmouth bursting with bullshit.

Dressed in his signature sequinned jacket, bow tie and bowler hat, Reuben Williams, of Bullshit London, was a hard mark to miss as he lead our merry band of Rafters through his tall tales of the town back in October last year.

The pied piper of bullshit, Reuben had us baffled, bewildered and outright belly laughing with every step of the tour, which led us from the triangles of death (bunting to you and I) to the scandals of Falmouth’s gentry. It was quite a ride.

So we’re extremely excited to tell you that Reuben’s unique variety of comical madness will be gracing our cobbles once again, this May bank holiday.

Reuben has teamed up with the good folk at New Dawn Traders to bring Bullshit Falmouth back home. New Dawn Traders is hosting a weekend-long welcome to the world’s only trans-Atlantic, engine-less cargo vessel, Tres Hombres on 1 May. And Reuben will be luring willing walkers to the tour on Sunday and Monday evening.

So for those of you who couldn’t make it first time around, or even those that did who’d like another dose of deceit, tours leave from the Hand Bar on Sunday and Monday at 6.30pm. Prepare to be bowled over by bullshit.


Tickets cost £7.50 per person for an hour’s tour of tall stories through Falmouth town.

Get your ticket now to join the ramble of sheer silliness.

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