Culture Club: The Darkest Universe

We came, we saw, we ginned...

By: Nicola Robey,   1 minute

Culture Club

Last week we pushed the desks back, whipped out the bean bag and turned down the lights for our first foray into Culture Club. This was an intimate gathering of friendly folk, coming together to focus on a single piece of culture, in an open, welcoming space, where thoughts could be shared, ideas expressed and pleasant times had by all. 

With a goldfish bowl full of popcorn, we fired up the projector for a private screening of Will Sharpe’s The Darkest UniverseIn usual Sharpe style, this was a bitter-sweet, dark comedy tale dripping with ambiguity, which lent itself perfectly to a group who could ask after the credits rolled, “What the hell did that bit mean?”

Leaping off from Sharpe’s tragi-comic tale for the next Culture Club, we’re rolling with the theme ‘ambiguity’.

Taking place on Thursday 2 February, this time around we’re signalling a call to arms for our Culture Club clan to each share a music video of their choosing. It can be plucked from any genre or style, but should all have a nod (no matter how vague or blatant) to our ambiguous theme.

If you fancy coming along, email us here, or check out the Stranger Collective Facebook page for updates.

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