Firelight returns…

Join us for Firelight at Potager Garden, Thursday 22 June.

By: Amie Knights,   2 minutes

Life stories shared by the light of flickering flames at Potager Garden, near Falmouth. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Join us at the second instalment of Firelight, Thursday 22 June, 7pm

We had such an exceedingly good evening at our last Firelight event, that we’ve decided it’s high time to hold another. A celebration of storytelling, conversation and inspiration, the theme is the same. But everything else is different.

This time around it’s being hosted by the wonderful Potager Garden, who’ll also be tending a bar for those who fancy a tipple of  wine (really, who doesn’t?). There’ll also be food available to buy (we’ll keep you posted on the details).

But while we all love a good fire, garden, food and wine, the real reason we all gather around the flames at Firelight is the stories. And we’re so excited to introduce our next round of storytellers. Meet Meg Lobb, Oliver Berry and Kris Hallenga.

Meg Lobb

“I was never allowed a tattoo so I got this wet plate done instead. A timeless portrait to remember my time in Australia by.”

Starting in 2016, Meg spent 14 months immersed in a trading project as her alter ego, Girl Friday: working with small but mighty businesses as a way to learn and travel without a buck or a pound changing hands. What followed was 500 days of adventure that took her around the world, as far as rural Australia, agricultural America and back again.

Oliver Berry 

Photograph from Oliver’s recent trip to China.

From Borneo to Burma, the Galapagos Islands to Northern Thailand, award-winning Guardian/ Lonely Planet travel writer and photographer Oliver Berry‘s trade has sent him to over 40 countries and five continents, collecting stories every step of the way. At Firelight he’ll be sharing tales from ghosts in the South Pacific to unexpected encounters back at home in Cornwall.

Kris Hallenga

At the age of 23 and 2 months, Kris was diagnosed with cancer. At 23 and 3 months, CoppaFeel! was born, the first charity of its kind. Cofounded with her twin sister Maren, within weeks Kris was appearing on TV and in the national press, raising heaps of cash for CoppaFeel!, and sharing her story in the hope of keeping other young women from the same fate. Eight years on, Kris is stepping back (but not away) from the game-changing charity to start a new adventure, back in her homeland of Cornwall.


Meet us all around the fire at Potager Garden, Thursday 22 June at 7pm.

Tickets are free but limited, so be sure to book your space.

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