Take the Bait…


Our new mini-magazine, Bait, has been lovingly crafted to Feed your creativity. Take a twisting turning journey of discovery and see what it sparks. Devour creative crumbs leading to Einstein’s storm-thwarted boat. Follow the thread back out to meet a nun who changed the course of modern art. Lose yourself in the adventure… and emerge into a reality more vibrant.

Inspired by Feeding – Stranger Collective’s way of keeping our writers creatively nourished – Bait takes in Chinese whispers, Silly Boys, puppetry, tailspins, word-hacking, popping candy, the Oulipo, Death Cigarettes, The Beatles’ reinvention, northern lights adventures, backless monsters, sinister feathers, planting memories, ancient Jinnees and much more in a heady blend of features, flash fiction and interactivity.

Championing fresh talent is really important to us, so we invited recent Falmouth University graduates Paul Ransom and Josie Evans to develop the visual concept and hone the magazine’s design, under the expert guidance of tutor and wonder-designer Dion Star (who also created Stranger Collective’s visual identity in 2012). We’re sure you’ll agree they’ve done an exceptional job.

So take the Bait – you won’t regret it. Available now in our online shop.

(Concept and content by Stranger Collective)

NB: and finally, a special thank you to illustration maestro Marcus Oakley, who made a beautiful contribution to Helen’s Crumbs project. Unfortunately his credit dropped out of the print version, so we’d like to flag up that he was the creator of this beautiful image:

cracks by Marcus Oakley

image by Marcus Oakley

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