Where poppies dance

WildWorks is taking to Heligan to turn parkland into poppy fields in memory of World War One. But they need your help...

By: Clare Howdle,   1 minute


Imagine experiencing a world on the cusp of history, where in a single moment everything changes and the future is forever coloured a different kind of hue.

In spring 2014, WildWorks will make that happen. Teaming up with the Lost Gardens of Heligan, the innovative theatre company is creating a piece of living theatre in the Gardens, to mark the outbreak of World War I.

As part of the project, WildWorks and Heligan want to horse-plough and plant the West Lawn of the Estate with poppies and barley, as a fitting tribute to those who fought and died 100 years ago.

Which is where you come in. Replicating 1914 and planting a three-acre field with poppies, using heavy horses and traditional equipment, doesn’t come cheap. So the team is appealing for contributions to realise the vision.

If you’d like to see a field of poppies dancing at Heligan, as WildWorks weaves a wondertale across the landscape, text WWWW01 £2 to 70070.

The ploughing is scheduled for 21 February 2014, so the poppies have plenty of time to grow and bloom, creating a stunning backdrop for the show.

If you’d like to find out more about WildWorks and the work they do, check out their website (soon to be relaunched, with a little tone of voice and content help from us Strangers).

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