Sravya Raju

From occasional scriptwriting to struggling to resist the pull of MHRA referencing, Sravya’s a bit of a project-juggler to say the least. As well as regular copywriting for Stranger Collective, she loves nothing more than plotting schemes that require creativity and conversations over cups of tea with the opener, “Imagine if…”

Sravya has worked at both Krowji and Creative Kernow since 2020 – which, as a hub for nurturing, producing and funding creative practice in Cornwall, is a great place to be. She’s also penned and made a “highly weird” radio play about the fate of the NHS for the BBC, and has urgent things on the to-do list like writing a chapter on late 19th century New Woman fiction for a Routledge publication releasing in 2024.

At Stranger Collective, Sravya enjoys playing with how language and words can combine and re-combine on a page most effectively and stylishly. She’s written impactful copy and proofread for clients including land&water, Surfers Against Sewage, Nesta, Watergate Bay Hotel and Another Place.

Outside of that, whenever there’s a spare moment it’s headphones on, trying to work through the teetering pile of ‘unreads’ that keeps getting higher as a book acquisition addiction that started very young (searching out freebies, exchanges and borrows, and second-hand bookshops for a fix), gradually gets out of hand…