Music of Memory and Promise Playlist

Jazz is enjoying a popular resurgence, as people flock to dance floors to savour its genre-defying rhythms. This recent rise in popular culture is well timed: because in its tireless reworking of the past into the present, and helping to shape the future, the music may offer useful lessons to us all…

By: Dave Waller,   1 minute

In issue 09 of Strike, Dave Waller dives deep into the world of jazz and the boundaries its artists are blurring in today’s resurgence. For the full story, pick up a limited edition print copy of the magazine.

"...In comes a wave of insistent, euphoric funk, melodies soaring from her voice and trumpet, sweeping away the old clichés. It’s music for the body and soul, as well as the mind. A celebration of a moment shared."

And whether you’ve read or are yet to read, here’s a sampling of some of the tunes that scored the researching, pontificating, crafting and polishing of this feature.

Ready? A rabbit hole of music awaits…


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