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A new social network shining with creativity, honesty, ideas and culture recs to connect kindred spirits worldwide...with zero advertising, fake news or political bullsh*t. What's not to love?

By: Helen Gilchrist,   1 minute

Driven by a mission to connect people through their passions, Beams is something between a personal scrapbook of ideas, inspiration and visual notes, and a rallying cry to get out there and see, taste, read, listen and try new experiences.

Part of our League of Strangers community and former Vogue and Instagram content lead, Hannah Ray is one of the five Beams founders. We enjoyed some early creative collaboration brainstorming around the name, so are really excited to see it fly. Users all over the world are signing up and sharing their uplifting beams on these gloomy winter days. So download the app and give it a whirl…

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