The Eavesdrop Drops

We share the conversations that fuel our features and get the studio talking.

By: Phyllida Bluemel,   1 minute

Some ideas won’t let up, some itches just need scratching.

Over the last year, we’ve packed our studio with co-working League of Strangers members. From the engineer to the illustrator, the researcher to the writer – the laptops here hum with myriad projects.

But the best part of an open studio door? When things link up. A working collaboration forged around the lunch table, an insight shared with tea. And when, sometimes, the snag of an idea catches the imagination of the whole studio. From battling with bias to the fate of the universe, via debates on the merits of The Breakfast Club, we live for the kettle-boiling moments that get us all talking and set our heads spinning.

Our new quarterly podcast The Eavesdrop is where we broadcast out from these moments, continuing the conversation, and inviting you in. With a different starting point every time, we talk about what we’ve been talking about, with people who know what they’re talking about.

Episode One lets you earwig on the time Damon Civin (the Data Scientist) and Stuart Nolan (the Magician) called to talk AI, magic and a whole lot more besides…


Episode Two, coming soon.


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